Whiffywax VIP

Don't miss out on exclusive offers by joining our VIP Facebook group! We are proud to play host to such a friendly community that you shouldn't hesitate to become part of. Follow the link below to join:

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Our Facebook group holds exciting events such as games, competitions, discount code giveaways or even just regular product giveaways! In the time we aren't holding events, we're always active and willing to have a chat with our loyal customers and who knows, you could even make some new wax fanatic friends yourself. This page is also a place to post reviews of your favourite products to let us know which products are the most popular among our customers. This helps us determine which of our scents will be continued into future products, or which might not. We're at 3000 members and counting and we would be honoured to have you with us.

Whether you want to be in with a chance of winning products, or want to join in with one of our events or even just want to sit back and chat and keep updated on what's coming soon then our VIP Facebook page is the perfect place to be.

We can't wait to see you there.

Daniel Smith