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Be prepared for the reveal of each scent on Whiffy Wax’s own brand-new Christmas Advent Calendar. Each day at 7AM in December leading to Christmas, each new scent will be revealed right here so don’t forget to visit every day! Click the image above to view the scents now!




Get in with your chance to win over £35 worth of Whiffy Wax goodies!

To make the end of 2018 even more exciting, you have the chance to win Whiffy Wax goodies. Hidden randomly in two Advent boxes will be a Gold star and a Silver star. If you’re lucky enough to find a gold star, you will win over £35 worth of Whiffy Wax goodies!

A silver star will net you over £25 worth of Whiffy Wax goodies.

The gold and silver stars will be hidden in the last mini melt in the advent box. That’s Christmas day! All you have to do is melt that Day 25 wax and reveal a gold or silver star.

Once you have discovered your star, the lucky winner must provide photo evidence via Facebook Messenger or Instagram Direct Message. You can also email us a photograph at

There will only be two winners in total, so cross your fingers and hope to Santa that you see a star in that day 25 melt!